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What is Salesforce Service Cloud®?

Service Cloud is all about keeping your customers happy by delivering exceptional customer service. Service Cloud gives you a platform to empower clients through self service portals, your service team the full picture of your customers, connect sales & service teams and provide management with overviews to ensure high levels of service delivery.

What can you do with Service Cloud?

You can enhance customer satisfaction by offering a self-service portal where they can access frequently asked questions (FAQs) and informative articles. If customers require additional assistance, your service team can promptly and effectively address their needs using a comprehensive understanding of their requirements through their service console.

Service Cloud can be integrated with various communication channels and customized to generate reports and dashboards, providing valuable insights into contact center performance. Additionally, it offers AI tools to facilitate proactive service delivery.

When Service Cloud is connected to other Salesforce Clouds, such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, or Experience Cloud, it streamlines business processes and identifies potential opportunities for the sales team to generate revenue.

What can you do with Service Cloud?

Service Cloud Features

Customer Service

1. Customer Service

We customize your customer self-service portal to align with the branding and aesthetics of your business.

Additionally, we offer various customization options to personalize your customer interactions. These include:

  • Case management: We configure a robust case management system that allows you to efficiently handle and track customer inquiries and issues.
  • Macro configuration and management: We provide the ability to create and manage macros, which are predefined sets of actions that automate repetitive tasks, saving you time and effort.
  • Service process automation: We enable automation of service processes, allowing you to streamline workflows and ensure consistent and timely customer support.
  • Knowledge management: We implement a comprehensive knowledge management system, empowering your customers to access relevant information and self-help resources easily.
  • Service analytics: We integrate powerful analytics tools into the portal, providing valuable insights into customer interactions, performance metrics, and areas for improvement.
  • Community portal: We create a community portal where customers can connect, collaborate, and share their experiences, fostering a sense of belonging and enhancing customer engagement.

Through these customizations, we aim to optimize your customer conversations and deliver a personalized and seamless self-service experience.

2. Omni Channel Communication

Our team will enable you to connect with your customers through various communication channels, ensuring that you can reach out to them in the way they prefer. These channels include:

  • Messaging: We support live messaging, SMS, WeChat, and WhatsApp, allowing you to have real-time conversations with your customers through these popular messaging platforms.

  • Email engines: We integrate email engines into your system, enabling efficient communication via email for customers who prefer this channel.

  • Embedded Services: Our services include live agent support (Snap Ins), chatbots, and video chat functionalities that can be seamlessly embedded into your customer service processes.

  • Social networks: We facilitate engagement with your customers on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, helping you connect with a broader audience.

  • Telephony (CTI), Call center implementation & configuration: We assist in implementing and configuring telephony systems, enabling effective call center operations and seamless integration with your customer service platform.

  • Community platforms: We provide community platforms where customers can interact, share experiences, and find solutions collaboratively.

Additionally, we offer Service X, a Virtual Retail Platform (VRP) product that facilitates cross-channel communications and enhances the overall customer experience.

By leveraging these communication channels, we ensure that you have the ability to engage with your customers through their preferred means of communication, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering stronger relationships.

Omni Channel Communication
Field Service Lightning

3. Field Service Lightning

Our project team will configure and integrate Field Service Lightning to streamline your field service operations and enhance collaboration between your agents, dispatchers, and mobile workers.

This will involve the following components:

  • Core Field Service Lightning: We will set up and configure the core features of Field Service Lightning, which serve as the foundation for managing field service operations efficiently.

  • Field Service Lightning managed package: We will install and configure the Field Service Lightning managed package, which provides additional functionality and customization options to meet your specific business needs.

  • Field Service Lightning mobile app: We will ensure seamless connectivity and configuration of the Field Service Lightning mobile app, empowering your mobile workers with real-time access to job details, schedules, and customer information on their mobile devices.

  • Dispatcher console: We will set up and customize the dispatcher console, equipping your dispatchers with a centralized platform to manage and assign field service tasks effectively. The console provides a comprehensive view of job statuses, resource availability, and scheduling information.

  • Geocoding configuration: We will configure geocoding settings, allowing for accurate mapping and location-based services within Field Service Lightning. This ensures optimized routing, efficient travel directions, and precise location tracking for your mobile workers.

By configuring and connecting these components of Field Service Lightning, we aim to streamline your field service operations, improve productivity, and enhance communication and coordination among your agents, dispatchers, and mobile workers.

4. Einstein for Service Cloud

Our developers enhance your Salesforce platform by incorporating AI elements into your core platforms, enabling you to deliver proactive customer service.

This includes the following AI capabilities:

  • Einstein Bots: We implement Einstein Bots, which are intelligent chatbots powered by AI. These bots can engage with customers, understand their queries, and provide automated assistance or escalate to a live agent when needed. They help streamline customer interactions and improve response times.

  • Einstein Next Best Action: We integrate Einstein Next Best Action into your platform. This AI feature analyzes customer data, purchase history, preferences, and behavior to recommend the most relevant and personalized actions or offers. It empowers your agents to provide tailored recommendations, improving cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

  • Einstein Case Classification: We leverage Einstein Case Classification to automatically categorize and prioritize customer cases based on their content and urgency. This AI-powered feature saves time and improves efficiency by routing cases to the appropriate teams or agents, ensuring faster resolution times.

By implementing these AI elements, we enable your Salesforce platform to deliver proactive customer service, anticipate customer needs, and enhance the overall customer experience. These AI capabilities enhance automation, optimize decision-making, and enable your team to provide personalized and efficient support.

Einstein for Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Highlights

Salesforce Service Cloud is a robust customer service platform that allows organizations to manage, optimize, and scale their customer support services in the best possible manner.

Lightning Service Console: Also, known as the Service Dashboard. It offers a single customer view screen to track customer history, view dashboard and handle cases better.

Case Management: The entire case lifecycle (case creation, prioritization, assignment, escalation, reassignment, closure) comes within the scope of the solution.

Knowledge Base: It comprises a comprehensive knowledge base created for service reps to empower service agents in search of requisite answers to deal with cases faster.

Telephony Integration: Tying the phone system together with Salesforce, it enables a wide range of things like routing incoming calls that will improve sales and service.

Service Analytics: This powerful tool powered by Salesforce Einstein, provides insights into department as well as agent efficiency.

Omni Channel Routing: Helps teams in delivering smarter service by communicating with the customers across various touch-points to gather cases and route them to the relevant service reps for instigating a quick action.

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