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What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud has been specifically designed to streamline the sales process, providing comprehensive support to both sales managers and representatives.

Key benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud include:

  • Automation: Salesforce Sales Cloud automates the sales process for both sales managers and representatives, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.

  • Structured Sales Process: It helps create a well-structured sales process, minimizing the learning curve for new team members and ensuring a standardized approach to sales.

  • Customer Insights: Salesforce Sales Cloud provides valuable customer details that aid decision-making, allowing sales teams to better understand their customers and tailor their approach accordingly.

  • Multi-Channel Communication: Efficient communication with customers is facilitated across multiple channels throughout their entire journey, enabling seamless interactions and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Increased Sales Productivity: With proper administration and configuration, Salesforce Sales Cloud has the potential to boost sales productivity by up to 38%, allowing sales teams to achieve more in less time.

  • Higher Sales Revenue: Implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud can lead to a potential 28% increase in sales revenue, as it empowers sales teams to effectively manage and close deals.

  • Improved Win Rate: Salesforce Sales Cloud offers an opportunity for a 26% increase in the win rate of opportunities, providing sales teams with the tools and insights they need to maximize their success.

In summary, Salesforce Sales Cloud offers automation, structured sales processes, customer insights, multi-channel communication, increased productivity, higher revenue, and improved win rates, making it a valuable tool for sales managers and representatives.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud


Lead Management

Lead Management

Our team specializes in configuring your Sales Cloud CRM to replicate your lead generation process and enable seamless conversion of leads into customers. To ensure all your data is consolidated in one accessible source, we implement the following configurations:

  • Single or Mass Data Upload: We set up the capability to upload data individually or in bulk, allowing you to conveniently import and manage your lead information.

  • Sales Path: We establish a sales path that facilitates lead prioritization and routing, ensuring that your sales team can efficiently focus on the most promising leads and allocate resources effectively.

  • Automated Workflows: Our configuration includes automated workflows that streamline the entire sales pipeline from lead to closure. This automation minimizes manual tasks and enhances the efficiency of your sales process.

  • Inbox Automation: We enable automation for one-to-many emails, simplifying the communication process with leads. This feature automates repetitive email tasks, such as follow-ups and nurturing, saving time and effort for your sales team.

  • Lead Activity Interaction Tracking: Our setup includes tracking mechanisms that capture and monitor lead activity interactions. This valuable data provides insights into lead engagement, helping you make informed decisions and tailor your sales approach accordingly.

With these configurations in place, your Sales Cloud CRM will be optimized to enhance lead generation, streamline the conversion process, and provide you with comprehensive visibility and control over your sales pipeline.

Pipeline & Forecasting

We specialize in modernizing your sales processes by configuring your Sales Cloud to provide real-time insights. Through our setup, you can gain valuable information and enhance decision-making by implementing the following features:

  • Pipeline Reports & Forecasting Tools: We configure comprehensive pipeline reports and forecasting tools that allow you to analyze your sales pipeline based on various categories such as time, team, trends, and more. This enables you to have a clear understanding of your sales performance and make accurate predictions for future revenue.

  • Dashboards for Visualization: Our configuration includes customized dashboards that provide visual representations of your sales data. These dashboards offer a clear overview of key metrics, allowing you to monitor performance and identify areas for improvement at a glance.

  • Instant Messaging: We set up instant messaging capabilities across all devices, enabling seamless communication between stakeholders involved in the sales process. This feature facilitates quick collaboration, ensuring efficient decision-making and smoother operations.

  • Opportunity Kanban: We configure an opportunity Kanban board that visually represents the different stages of your sales process. This includes customizable alerts to notify you of critical updates and opportunities nearing closure. With this setup, you can effectively manage and track your opportunities from initial contact to close.

  • Detailed Analytics: Our configuration enables in-depth analytics that provide detailed insights into your sales performance. This includes metrics such as conversion rates, win/loss ratios, and revenue breakdowns. By leveraging these analytics, you can identify trends, evaluate sales strategies, and make data-driven decisions.

By implementing these features, we empower your Sales Cloud to deliver real-time insights, improve visualization, facilitate instant communication, streamline opportunity management, and provide detailed analytics. This modernization enhances your sales processes and equips your team with the tools needed to drive success.

Pipeline & Forecasting

Sales Productivity

We offer assistance in implementing best practices for your sales teams by configuring various elements within your Sales Cloud.

Some of these key configuration elements include:

  • Goal Setting & Dashboards: We help you set up goal tracking functionalities and customized dashboards to monitor and measure sales performance against targets. This allows you to keep your sales team focused and motivated towards achieving their goals.

  • Guidance for Each Sales Stage & Chatter: We configure guidance resources specific to each stage of the sales process. This can include relevant documents, videos, or training materials that provide valuable insights and support to your sales team. Additionally, we set up the Chatter feature to facilitate real-time collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members.

  • Personalized Lightning Views with Top Prospect Lists: We customize the Lightning views within your Sales Cloud to display personalized information for each sales representative. This includes creating top prospect lists based on individual preferences, allowing your sales team to easily prioritize and focus on their most important leads.

  • Auto Alerts on Next Steps: We configure automated alerts and notifications to keep your sales team informed about the next steps and actions required for each lead or opportunity. This ensures that no important task or follow-up falls through the cracks and helps to maintain a proactive approach.

  • Sales Path for Different Sales Teams: We set up a sales path tailored to the specific needs of different sales teams within your organization. This includes defining stages, milestones, and specific actions for each team, enabling a streamlined and consistent sales process across the board.

  • Automate Approval Processes: We assist in automating approval processes within your Sales Cloud. This involves defining approval criteria, routing approval requests to the appropriate individuals, and implementing automated workflows to expedite the approval process and ensure timely decision-making.

By implementing these best practices and configurations, we enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales teams, enabling them to align with your organization’s goals, track progress, collaborate effectively, personalize their views, receive timely alerts, follow a structured sales path, and automate approval processes.

Salesforce Mobile App

We specialize in configuring your mobile sales app to provide seamless access to the Salesforce platform for your entire team, whether they are in the office or out in the field.

Our configuration includes key features that enhance mobility and productivity, such as:

  • Data Access, News, Notes, Chatter, Calendar: We ensure that your mobile sales app provides convenient access to crucial data, allowing your team to view and update customer information, access news and updates, take notes, collaborate through Chatter, and manage their calendars on the go.

  • Workflows: We configure workflows within your mobile app, enabling your team to efficiently manage and track their tasks and activities. This includes automation of repetitive tasks, reminders, and notifications to keep everyone on track and ensure timely follow-ups.

  • App Integrations: We integrate your mobile sales app with other relevant applications, allowing seamless data exchange and synchronization between different systems. This integration streamlines processes and eliminates the need for manual data entry across multiple platforms.

  • Customized Lightning Components: We tailor the Lightning components within your mobile app to meet your specific business requirements. This customization ensures that your team has access to the most relevant and useful features, enhancing their productivity and user experience.

  • Salesforce A (Mobile Admin Access): We enable Salesforce A, the mobile admin access feature, within your mobile sales app. This provides designated administrators with the ability to manage and customize Salesforce functionalities directly from their mobile devices, ensuring efficient administration even while on the move.

By configuring these features within your mobile sales app, we empower your entire team with access to important data, collaboration tools, and essential functionality wherever they are. This enhances their ability to work effectively in the field, stay connected, streamline workflows, leverage app integrations, and customize their mobile Salesforce experience.

Salesforce Mobile App
Approval And Workflow Automation

Approval And Workflow Automation

The Cloud provides you with the ability to automate endorsements and repetitive workflow assignments.

Additionally, it offers real-time access to valuable information such as endorsements (through Chatter feed), product specifications, discounts, and recommendations.

By leveraging the power of the Cloud, you can streamline the endorsement process by automating repetitive tasks and workflow assignments. This automation saves time and reduces the risk of errors, allowing for more efficient operations.

Furthermore, the Cloud enables you to access endorsements in real-time through the Chatter feed. This means that you can stay up to date with the latest endorsements, updates, and discussions, ensuring that you have the most current information at your fingertips.

In addition to endorsements, the Cloud provides immediate access to essential product specifications. This allows you to retrieve detailed information about products or services quickly and easily, empowering you to make informed decisions and provide accurate recommendations to clients.

Moreover, the Cloud offers access to discounts and recommendations in real-time. This means that you can stay informed about available discounts and receive recommendations based on various factors, such as customer preferences, previous purchases, and market trends. This information helps you optimize sales opportunities and provide personalized solutions to customers.

In summary, the Cloud automates endorsements and repetitive workflows while granting you real-time access to endorsements, product specifications, discounts, and recommendations. These capabilities enhance your efficiency, decision-making, and customer interactions, ultimately driving better business outcomes.

Analytics ( Data that Matters )

Sales Cloud is a powerful tool that goes beyond simply acknowledging critical situations like data leaks; it helps you take necessary action to manage them effectively. It is highly efficient and seamlessly integrates with planned approaches, game changers, and helps create sales and advertising strategies.

One of its key features is the ability to extract target files, enabling you to plan advertising campaigns tailored to specific needs. This targeted approach enhances the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Sales Cloud also provides insightful data that enables you to gain a better understanding of the situation at hand and make informed business decisions. It equips you with valuable information to analyze reports generated by your team, facilitating the exploration of important indicators related to customer support, applications, and sales.

Furthermore, Sales Cloud offers a platform for group discussions, allowing you to generate ideas and analyze problems collaboratively. This fosters teamwork and helps uncover solutions to challenges that may arise.

In summary, Sales Cloud not only assists in addressing critical circumstances proactively but also facilitates strategic planning, targeted advertising, data-driven decision-making, and collaborative problem-solving. It empowers your sales and advertising strategies while providing valuable insights for improved business outcomes.

Analytics ( Data that Matters )

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